What's worth doing even if you fail?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Courtesy of Brene Brown's website

I saw this image on the blog of one of my favorite authors, Brene Brown.  If you have not read "The Gifts of Imperfection" or any of her other books, Amazon Prime them STAT!

At first glance, I cringed at the word 'fail'.  The thought of failing challenged my inner pseudo-perfectionist, who was quick to say, "I don't understand what that word means".  My initial reaction subsided, then I pondered the question.  It is September and 2013 has been a year of considerable highs and unsuspecting lows, and I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets.  Hindsight, there's always something to learn when I fall short.  For this reason, my response is YES.  Everything is worth doing!  To set limits in my life based on fear is a great disservice to what life has to offer. Besides, failing or falling short encourages me to slow down, pause, and pay attention to what is going on inside.  In these moments, self-care, self-awareness,  and self-compassion become my priority.

Caution: Moments of falling short may open the door to shame, but there is good news.  You are normal!  The important thing is to keep those feelings of shame from sending you into a trance of unworthiness.  Shame thrives when three things in our lives get out of control: secrecy, silence, and judgement.  When something shaming, like failure occurs and we keep it locked up, it festers and grows.  Talk to someone about how you feel.  Someone who will listen, withhold judgement, and you trust.   If you do not have anyone or do not feel comfortable opening up to those closest, please see a counselor, psychologist, or someone at your place of worship (if you practice).  DON'T LET THE FEELINGS OF SHAME FESTER!

(PS: I have no degree in psychology, so I offer my thoughts based on my personal experience and knowledge of behavioral sciences)

Ultimately, the key is perspective.  You could look at those moments of falling short as failure, or you could think of them as part of the journey to a deeper understanding of how courageous you are.  Knowing that nothing in life is guaranteed or certain, it takes courage, not fear, to show up and take part.  Isn't that how we get to really know our authentic self?

I have amended the question and I encourage you to consider, "What do you consider worth doing, but are afraid to fail?" Love+Live.Life


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