What Grooves Me


Artists & Music I'm bopping to on my iPhone or Pandora

(this will be an ongoing updated list) 
Aaliyah- Back & Forth

Anthony Hamilton- Best of Me  

  BeyoncĂ©- Schoolin' Life

The Brand New Heavies- Dream on Dreamer

Bob Marley- Legend (Album)

Bruno Mars- The Other Side 

Chaka Khan- Ain't Nobody

Coldplay- Every Tear is a Waterfall

Donny Hathaway-  Love Love Love

Florence + The Machine- Specturm 

Kem- Share My Life

Luther Vandross- (His entire catalog) Superstar/ Until You Come Back to Me

Nina Simone- (High Priestess of Soul) Sinnerman

Stevie Wonder- (From the Black pool of genius! Everything he does is gold) 

 Yuna- Lullabies  (Beats reminiscent of Massive Attack's Teardrop)

Adele- He Won't Go


  1. Aaliyah's "Back and Forth" and "Age aint nothing but a number".....

    1. Ah!! I can't believe I forgot Aaliyah! Thanks, Femi!

    2. :-). You are welcome!

      I remember you grooving to "Back and Forth" at your birthday party


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