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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This month's "Everyday is Humanitarian Day" spotlight is dedicated to an organization that works to "empower teens to follow their heart" in the Washington, DC metropolitan area-- I Got Heart.
I Got Heart was created in 2008 to (1) support youth who want to make an impact in the community about an issue they are passionate about, and (2) change the paradigm and belief system that youth, especially those from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, lack the potential to lead change and make significant contributions to the world.
No one can tell the story of I Got Heart better than its founder and executive director, Chanatip 'Tip' Fallon.  Tip, a native of Prince George’s County in Maryland, founded the organization to make a difference in the lives of teens in the community where he was raised.

In Tip's words, "I thought about the area of Prince George’s County I grew up in and the many who had taught me these values--perseverance, sacrifice, gratitude, and unity.  I thought about how important these values are in comparison to financial gain and how we often ignore these values in people.  Youth from underserved backgrounds may not have a high probability of becoming doctors or making six-figures, but they have something that I consider far more important woven into the fabric of their communities and being – character, and heart.

What if we took the heart that people, especially youth, from underserved backgrounds already have, and applied the support and resources for them to make a positive impact in their communities?  What if we found a way to articulate the values or heart that we have and begin to connect with one another based on our shared values instead of on superficial labels and identities?  What if we could amplify the power, positivity and strength that result from living our lives with heart?  How would that impact our communities, lives, and shared experience?

...I wanted to create a world where kids didn’t have to resort to breaking into cars.  That’s when I knew I had to do something with these thoughts and realizations; that was the spark for I Got Heart."

Heart Awards 

Left to Right: Jay Choi (recipient, Wooton HS) and project volunteers, and Tip Fallon (I Got Heart founder & executive director)

I Got Heart offers a $500 grant--Heart Award-- to selected youth, so they have the opportunity to execute projects that will make a positive impact in their communities and personal lives.  How does the Heart Award work?  The youths define their project, while the I Got Heart team works with them to find the most effective and economical way to bring their idea to reality.  For example, if a youth wants to use the money to build a swing set in his/her community, the I Got Heart team and the teen work to find the most efficient product or method of getting the swing set built.

Heart Award recipient, Lisa Delao (Woodbridge HS)
As an all volunteer organization, I Got Heart is always looking for volunteers, mentors,  and donations.  The youth are the leaders of our future and I think it is a great way of encouraging youth to be innovative, creative, and engaged in their communities.

I also urge you to make a donation to I Got Heart!  Your donations will make it possible for the  dreams of more youth helping their communities come true.  I know times are financially challenging, but forgoing coffee or tea at Starbucks or a meal at a fancy eatery can help to create a Heart Award for an amazing individual or group.  If you know of a person or organization that would like to sponsor a Heart Award, contact Tip Fallon at Tip@heartawards.org. love+live.life!

(Thanks to I Got Heart for sharing pictures of past recipients of the Heart Awards)

Prusse Kakpovi (recipient, Montgomery Blair HS) & Paula Matallana (Gandhi Brigade)
Left to Right: Anthony Fernanez, Adrian Hinjosa, Herson Bautista, Tiffany Spencer, Andre Mons, Mary Bui, Sandrine Emambu (various schools including Montgomery Blair HS)
Deries Ford, Heart Award recepient
Heart Award recipient, Deries Ford with members of Job Corps in Woodland- a residential federal workforce development program

Herson Bautista and Sandrine Emambu ( Heart Award recipients)

Bill Moggridge 1943-2012


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The world has lost a genius and innovator that most outside the design world don't even know about.  William "Bill" Moggridge designed the first laptop and was a co-founder of the renowned innovation and design firm, IDEO. 

William 'Bill' Moggridge- Designer, Innovator, Author and Educator

The first laptop- GRiD Compass computer, 1982
As a designer, Bill Moggridge understood that interaction design could be a revolutionary medium for change.  With his aesthetic and natural curiosity about the greater good, Mr. Moggride collaborated with others because he believed the designer's role was to listen and watch and learn by doing.  He was an outspoken advocate for the value of design in everyday life.

Before his death, Bill served as director of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York.  He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 at the National Design Awards, in a ceremony at the White House, presided over by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Soon after, he also won the Prince Philip Designers Prize, Britain’s most prestigious design award.

He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Karin; their sons, Alex and Erik; and his brother, Hal. The tribute video below tells the story of Bill's philosophy, life, and impact on the world. love+live.life!

My Stagrams


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anyone else love Instagram?  Check out the new link My Stagrams, featuring photos shot on my iPhone and edited with Instagram.


If you're on Instagram, look for me- @oadele. If you've never heard of Instagram, WHY NOT?! love+live.life!

Barack and I- Fired Up and Ready!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

44 T-Shirt from Alabama Liberal
It's no lie, I have an enormous crush on President Barack Obama. I mean, c'mon... What woman isn't wishing they had met him before Michelle?  Who doesn't admire what he has done thus far for the country?

Presidential Swagger

Barack and I, ok, Michelle, on Election Night 2008
Contrary to what the Republican Party would have you believe, the President and his administration have a very long list of accomplishments from his first term. Some of these include:
  •  Ended the war in Iraq
  • Advanced women's rights in the work place
  • Ended Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) in our military
  • Stopped defending DOMA in court
  • Passed the Hate Crimes bill
  • Signed into law, the country's only National HIV/AIDS Strategy
  • Appointed two pro-choice women to the Supreme Court
  • Expanded access to medical care and provided subsidies for people who can't afford it
  • Expanded the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Fixed the preexisting conditions travesty [and rescissions] in health insurance
  • Invested in clean energy
  • Overhauled the credit card industry, making it much more consumer-friendly
  • While Dodd-Frank bill was weak in many respects, it was still an extremely worthwhile start at re-regulating the financial sector
  • He created a Elizabeth Warren's dream agency: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • He's done a lot for veterans
  • He got help for people whose health was injured during the clean-up after the 9/11 attacks
  • Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare
  • $1 Billion for the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) that is intended to revitalize low-income communities via "Job training and placement assistance", "Financial literacy programs", etc.
The Obama Administration has accomplished these and much more in the face of GOP opposition and determination to 'make him a one term president' (giving Mitch McConnell the side eye).  So, it boggles my mind that some voters are still undecided about their choice for president.  I try to be open, but I will never get back those hours lost watching the fabrications speeches and Clint Eastwood's ventriloquy at the RNC last week.  Five days later, I can't remember what their nominee's speech was all about.  It was that memorable. *sigh*

There are stark differences between Obama and Romney, and I am not going to list them for two reasons: (1) It would take too long to type and (2) the misinformation virus spreading across the country is because people are too lazy to seek the truth for themselves.

On a more serious note, the GOP has resorted to making the truth optional in their talking points rhetoric, all the while, pushing for these voter ID laws as a tactic to disenfranchise minority and older voters.  Are we going to sit back as they and the Koch Brothers work overtime to steal the elections? Will their strategy work? This remains to be seen on November 6th.  I'll borrow from the American Express slogan for Election Day- " State ID card, DON'T leave home without it".  love+live.life

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