happiness vs. Happiness

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Found this on Positively Positive and had to share.

happiness vs. Happiness

happiness is the big smiles
Happiness is the little things

happiness is your outward mood
Happiness is your silent disposition

happiness is the raise you get
Happiness is the impact you have

happiness is an on/off switch
Happiness is on a dimmer switch

happiness is the found acorn the squirrel eats in the fall
Happiness is the stored acorn the squirrel eats in the winter

happiness is the nice things people say about you to your face
Happiness is the nice things people say about you when you’re not there

happiness is when you get what you expect
Happiness is when you get respect

happiness is what takes your breath away
Happiness is what no one can ever take away from you

happiness is the moment
Happiness is the story

You don’t need to feel happy to be Happy.
You don’t need to be Happy to feel happy.


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