Giving Thanks in 2013: Things that can happen in line at a Daley Concert

Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's the season of giving, sharing, loving, living. Actually, this season should be everyday.

I went to the U Street Music Hall with a friend of mine last night for Daley's first DC concert.  It was AMAZING. The evening turned out to be a melody of spontaneous fun in many ways.  First, if you've never heard of Daley, you should check him out.  One of my favorite songs of his is "Those Who Wait".  Check out the video below.

Here's an idea of how the evening went:

Yep, Daley and I after the concert

The concert wasn't the only highlight of the evening. In fact, the fun really got started while we waited to meet Daley outside the Lincoln Theatre.  Enter José and Amber.  We stood behind the best friends, but a conversation about Daley being from Manchester (Britain) sparked a new found friendship.  

Our time together last night generated a great list of 10 Things That Can Happen In Line at a Daley Concert: 
  • Random connection with strangers over traveling in Europe
  • Discovery that you and new acquaintances have similar taste in music, hobbies, and concert experiences
  • Nonstop laughter WHILE FREEZING!!!! (It was cold outside)
  • Networking opportunity and Instagram following
  • Random couple kisses on the street, followed by other Daley Fans cheering them on :-)
  • Finding out that new acquaintances live in the same section of Germantown as my friend
  • Complete loss of battery power on 3 smartphones just standing in line and 10 feet away from Daley (Curse you, iOS7! Thank you for the save Ozzy)
  • Finally meeting Daley, who was very sweet and smelled good too :-)
  • Spontaneous breaking bread with new friends to thaw out!
  • A GREAT evening to remember! #GRATITUDE!


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