Everyday is Humanitarian Day

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful group of people and organizations during my recent trip to South Africa.  In the spirit of World Humanitarian Day, I will be sharing some information on these organizations every month.  Check out their websites, support their causes, and spread the word on what these everyday heroes are doing with very limited resources.

Make World Humanitarian Day a celebration everyday! 

Original T Bag Designs


Started in 2000, Original T Bag Designs was founded out of the need to create job opportunities for others in the Hout Bay region of Cape Town, South Africa.  Jill wondered what would happen if tea bags were reused creatively, instead of throwing them away after having cups of tea. Twelve years later, Original T Bag Designs offers employment to many Black residents living in Nelson Mandela Park by teaching them how to make coasters, greeting cards, bookmarks, artworks, bags, christmas decorations, wall decorations, etc all from TEA BAGS


Original T B Designs Founder, Jill
Production Area

Cross Wall Art

Coasters and Jewelry Boxes
Me (center) with  Jill and Peggy Sue

Of course, I could not leave without a few goodies for myself and gifts for others.  The next time you dip your tea bag in a cup, consider giving it a second life.  Keep them, empty them out, mail them to the workshop and support this wonderful social enterprise, its people, and community.  love+live.life! 


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